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2021 GOP ReCap

By, Michelle Hazekamp

December 26, 2021

A Stronger GOP

2021 brought forth an even stronger GOP with the change of the guard and an awoken passion for conservative values that grew immensely with the onset of a biological attack and threats to our freedoms.

We have overcome many hurdles, yet accomplished great things through out the year and we can thank the newly elected Chair and Vice Chair in the beginning of 2021, Zach Lahring and Malinda Pego.

They took the reigns from the previous GOP Executive Committee and worked hard to continue building up a reliable team focused on strengthening the conservative values that the GOP was founded on.

They were the right leaders for this time to push the GOP even harder to accomplish many goals, Along with the combined effort and determination of the elected Executive Committee, GOP members, Delegates and volunteers who stepped up to the call of duty, we were able to successfully accomplish what seemed impossible a year ago.

We have recruited honorable candidates, improved communications and put on some amazing events, raising more money than previous administrations, and finally acquired legitimate office space to call our own at year end.

2021 was also a continuation of the fight for our freedoms against tyrannical leaders who imposed un-constitutional mandates and attempting to enforce communistic ideologies that violate the very foundation this nation stands for. Yet, this was an exciting year for the Muskegon GOP as we grew and celebrated victories, new friendships, and more recruitments to join in the good fight for freedom.

In just one year, we have accomplished many great things.

The Infamous Day of January 6

The excitement really began on that now infamous date of January 6, 2021. The Muskegon GOP had reserved motor-coach buses in a spur of the moment decision to provide patriots through out West Michigan transportation to the Trump Rally in Washington D.C. Others, who did not go, attended the rally in Lansing, including GOP Chair Zach Lahring and Vice Chair, Malinda Pego. Those who attended the D.C. rally had a lot of fun and described a feeling of overwhelming patriotism that could be felt deep in your soul. The Lansing rally was also soul moving, as we performed a "Jericho March" around the capital building all day while praying for our nation and for our leaders to uphold their Constitutional duty by NOT certifying the 2020 election, while listening to Gospel music and Trumps speech from D.C. playing over a loud speaker. GOP Chair, Zach Lahring, was later accused of being a part of the D.C. fake insurrection and had a surprise visit from the FBI. Fortunately, we have pictures proving he was in Lansing.

Below is a short video of the January 6th Jericho March in Lansing.

January 20, 2021

This day was a sad and fearful day for all patriots across the nation as we watched President Trump say his farewells and the fraudulent Inauguration of Joe Biden actually take place. Knowing that Joe Biden would destroy this country and everything it stood for, we watched in shock and horror as we anticipated the battle that was to come. Every time Joe has threatened, manipulated, mandated and tried to wear us down, the GOP has fought back harder.

The Call of Duty

The GOP acquired more Delegates during 2021 than previously. As forces were joined by many local and state patriot groups, friendships were attained and many sought the GOP as a vehicle to do more locally. Many more were elevated to Delegate positions at the 2021 Muskegon County Republican Convention, in which current Delegates were elected to attend the State Convention. However, even with the increase in Delegate numbers, we still have 400 open spots! If you or somebody you know wants to help make change, become a delegate! You can learn more at

Lincoln Day Dinner

It was near the end of Governor Whitmer's CCP style lockdowns, in these free United States, where her restrictions were lifted just in time for us to hold our Muskegon GOP 2021 Annual Lincoln Day Dinner. Muskegon GOP supporters were at last free to celebrate, and they came out in droves! The Trillium Event Center graciously hosted the event with class and courteous service. The guest speaker of the night was Senator Patrick Colbeck, who had been working relentlessly towards obtaining a forensic audit in Michigan that would prove fraud in the the 2020 election. Patrick also was working with Constitutional Attorney Matt DePerno at the time on the Atrim County Audit. Pat filled our hearts with hope as he unveiled the fraudulent evidence acquired by Matt DePerno and his team after the initial audit of Antrim County. Since then, more evidence has been found and the battle for a forensic audit continues.

Lots of Fun, But Work to be Done

The GOP held many more fun events like Dinner with the Commissioners at Pints & Courts, the Summer Picnic with candidates for Governor, 4th of July and other parades, our Freedom Roundup Event, Chili Cook-Off and celebrating the birth of Jesus with our GOP Christmas Party. We have had the honor to host guest speakers such as Kristina Karamo, candidate for Secretary of State and Matt DePerno, Attorney General candidate. We heard from most of our Governor candidates, such as Ryan Kelley, Tudor Dixon and Donna Brandenburg and others. We announced endorsements for Attorney General candidate, Matt DePerno and Secretary of State candidate, Kristina Karamo. Both whom stand for the Republican Party platform and upholding the US Constitution. But, along with the fun events, there was work to be done. Many attended rallies in Lansing to demand a forensic audit. A coalition of parents formed and attended school board meetings all summer and fall to stand up against the mask mandates and CRT recently discovered in our schools. Road rallies, fighting for our medical freedoms, exposing RINOs with in the Republican Party and calling them out, writing resolutions, attending county commissioner meetings, making our voices heard and working hard to restore the conservative values that is the foundation of the Republican Party by seeking and acquiring conservative patriots to step into political roles who will uphold these values. This has been exhausting to say the least, but worth every bit of effort for what successes we have had, whether big or small.

Victory in Resolutions

We can claim many victories for 2021 with the Resolutions that were created by GOP Executive members and delegates. Here is a list of the resolutions that successfully passed:

  • The first resolution that was voted in was written in May by one of the GOP delegates, Michelle Mixa, and was presented to the Muskegon County Board of Commissioners by Vice Chair (and county commissioner herself), Malinda Pego. "The Muskegon County Resolution Regarding Vaccine Passports within the Boundaries of Muskegon County" was a two week debate between the Republican and Democratic commissioners and the public. Hours of public comment held the commissioners late into the evening during the Zoom meetings as over one hundred citizens gave their opinions on the issue. Most were in favor of the resolution and only a few were not. Commissioner Scolnik’s vote of "yes" was what was needed for it to pass, although, he did comment the only reason he was voting in favor of it was because he was tired of the commissioner meetings running so late and all the public comment. When Biden declared his vaccine mandate for government employees, this resolution protected the employees of Muskegon County from having to submit. This is a perfect example of how we WIN when we unite and come together to fight tyranny! You can read the full resolution here.

  • "Open Up Muskegon For Freedom" was a declaration to open up Muskegon County business's and schools with out mask or vaccine mandates. It called for all Republican officials in Muskegon County to uphold their oath of office and prevent and overrule the draconian mandates and other requirements instituted by those in authority. The motion to approve was passed by the Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee on September 1, 2021. Read full resolution by clicking here.

  • "A Muskegon County Resolution to Promote General Welfare" was passed by the Muskegon County Board of Commissioners, September 14th, to acknowledge our rights of medical freedom of choice and prevents discrimination against those who choose not get the Covid shot or wear a mask. This mandate also exempts Muskegon County employee's from a vaccine or mask mandate if they choose. Read full resolution here.

  • "A Resolution of the Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee on Critical Race Theory" was presented in October and passed unanimously, condemning CRT in our schools. Read full resolution here.

  • "A Resolution of the Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee Opposing MIGOP Promoting Gubernatorial Candidate James Craig for Michigan Governor" passed unanimously in November. The resolution acknowledged the MIGOP strong support for the ex Detroit Police Chief, James Craig ahead of the state Caucus scheduled for spring, 2022 and the coming August primaries. It also goes on to recognize that James Craig was previously a registered Democrat and does not fully support the Republican Party's platform, supports gun restrictions and he and his officers involvement of preventing Republican Poll Watchers into the TCF center during the 2020 election. Read full resolution here.

A copy of these resolutions were sent to representatives, both local and state., Senate and Congressional, county clerks, MIGOP and individual county GOP's. with top priority given to the tyrants; Governor Whitmer and A.G. Dana Nessel.

2021: A Year To Be Proud Of

Looking back on 2021, the Muskegon GOP rose to greater power and success due to the amazing patriots who took on the challenge to continue building the GOP into an organization who sets forth to initiate change and unite for the values and freedoms that God has so graciously blessed us with, and our Founding Fathers sacrificed themselves for. A lot of us were introduced to politics for the first time; many new political and personal relationships developed, and we overcame a lot of challenges. 2021 is a year to be proud of for the GOP.

2022, Here We Come!


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